Consulting & Engineering

Consulting & Engineering

Our consulting and engineering group is a technical powerhouse capable of executing the most complex environmental projects. Outside of the traditional environmental service lines, our consultants and engineers support the full compendium of Tasman’s services including disaster response, demolition, abatement, and facility services.

Regulatory Compliance and Permitting

We have the expertise to help navigate you through the web of permits, negotiations and strategy development.

Environmental Site Assessment and Investigation

Developing a sound approach and obtaining good data is the foundation for successful projects.

Remedial Design and Implementation

Developing innovative and sustainable solutions for a wide range of problems.

Sustainability and Green Remediation

We develop sustainable solutions for our clients.

Regulatory Compliance and Permitting

Dynamic environmental laws and standards and evolving remediation guidance demand proactive cleanup solutions and a clear strategy for addressing regulatory requirements in order for businesses to minimize environmental risk while maintaining economic benefit.

Tasman has the experience in knowing what the environmental permitting and compliance process will take and can help reduce the overall process. Tasman’s compliance experts have worked within several various city, state and federal agencies and have long standing relationships with regulators that helps with the overall permit preparation process. Tasman has prepared hundreds of permits and plans for spill prevention (SPCC Plans), waste profiling, air emissions, and stormwater management.

Environmental remediation projects are often complex and multi-faceted. This means reaching regulatory closure is not necessarily just about reducing contaminant concentrations below a defined threshold. Stakeholders need to be satisfied that efforts have been genuinely spent in an attempt to result in better outcomes. Tasman can help facilitate permitting and engagement throughout the project to meet the outcome that satisfies all parties.

Environmental Site Assessment and Investigation

Tasman’s environmental professionals have the experience and technical skills to develop a detailed, systematic approach to conceptualize and implement all aspects of contaminated media assessments and investigations. Tasman uses a multi-faceted approach to bring together in-house specialists to address complex issues. 

Our specialized experience in site investigation and remediation includes innovative data collection and visualization, advanced decision making, modeling, decision analysis, and stakeholder communication to help you evaluate risk and reduce uncertainty.

Remedial Design and Implementation

Tasman is a recognized leader in the environmental industry and develops solutions that give you a competitive advantage in your specific market. Our solutions combine proven engineering services with forward thinking and innovative technologies when dealing with various impacted media. Our ability to provide environmental engineering services for a wide variety of tasks ensures strong technical support throughout all phases of the project. 

In addition to designing and constructing remediation systems, Tasman also has the proficiency to operate systems and accelerate site closure through a wide range of innovative technology applications. Tasman is always looking for system optimization to meet closure as effectively as possible. Using a synergetic approach, Tasman’s teams work together to leverage chemical, physical, geological, and biological processes to maximize system performance while focusing on reducing impact to the environment. 

Tasman Incorporates the Full Spectrum of Remedial Technologies Tailored to Your Site-Specific Conditions

Tasman has installed hundreds of soil and groundwater remediation systems at a variety of complex sites. Our experience includes both private and public sector clients ranging from smaller tank battery and retail gasoline locations to large industrial facilities and Superfund sites. We have a core group of technical personnel who have years of front-line experience executing all facets of remediation projects from initial characterization to engineering and design, and construction. We understand the advantages and limitations of specific remedial technologies, and we understand the cost of installing and maintaining those technologies.

  • Soil Vapor Extraction

  • Air Sparge

  • Chemical Oxidation

  • Solidification

  • Soil Flushing

  • Capping

  • Hydrofracturing

  • Barrier Walls

  • Recovery Trenches

  • Excavation

  • Enhanced Bioremediation

  • Natural Attenuation

  • Dual Phase Extraction

  • Air Stripping

  • LNAPL Recovery

  • DNAPL Recovery

  • Granular Activated Carbon

  • Oxygen Enhancing Compounds

  • Ion Exchange

  • Oil/Water Separation

  • Injection Wells

  • Air Emissions Treatment

Emerging Contaminants

Tasman’s team of scientists and engineers are at the forefront of assessment and remediation of emerging contaminants. Contaminants of emerging concern (CECs), including pharmaceuticals, personal care products (PPCPs) and PFOA/PFOS, are increasingly being detected at low levels in surface and groundwater. Tasman is leading the charge to develop remedial processes that address these CECs and meet regulatory cleanup guidelines. Treating CECs is not a one size fits all approach. Let Tasman develop you an approach that can meet the goals for the project.

Sustainability and Green Remediation

Our integrated approach to solutions is focused on balancing economic growth, social responsibility and environmental stewardship. Through our creative and forward-looking approach to the market, we strive to continually create value for our clients while focusing to reduce our impact to the environment and our community.

At Tasman, we leverage our experience, data and innovative technologies to meet our clients demands that are ever changing based on the dynamic world we live in, societal trends and climate change. Tasman prides itself on developing innovative and sustainable solutions to traditional and emerging contaminates. Some of our most successful innovations developed to date include the following:

On-site treatment and recycling of contaminated soil under our soil mixing patent.

Use of internal combustion engines (ICE) fueled by the petroleum contaminate being extracted.

Incorporation of solar power for remote power generation.

Utilization of exotic well screen materials and configuration to enhance removal and degradation of contaminants.

Solar-Powered Remediation Systems

Tasman has designed and installed several solar-powered green remediation systems that utilize groundwater recovery, air sparge, soil vapor extraction, and product recovery to meet project cleanup goals. The use of the sun’s energy to power the systems eliminates emissions from other power sources such as generators. Tasman designs and fabricates the systems in house and are mobilized to the project. Each system is constructed with electronics and control panels that are used to maximize system performance. The systems can be installed and operated quickly without the need for external power. The systems can be configured with a remote monitoring system that are used for data collection and system operational notifications.

Tasman also utilizes solar power for small-scale remediation systems. Solar panels are used to operate product recovery pumps or soil vapor extraction/air sparge blowers to address subsurface impacts in smaller areas.

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