Demolition & Abatement

Tasman offers in-house expertise to act as your single contractor in demolition, asbestos, lead, and mold abatement services. Tasman fosters a safety driven approach to our abatement and demolition practices that keep both our workers and the community safe, while leaving the worksite better than we found it. Coupled with our extensive construction capabilities, our team is able to provide value added measures to ensure that our demolition and abatement approach is as efficient as possible.


Tasman has the experience and knowledge to complete a range of demolition work from structural, industrial and subsurface projects to UST removal and select Interior demo.


Abatement is a process that requires a great deal of planning and preparation. Tasman conducts a variety of abatement operations that not only focus on asbestos in standard building materials but also in the areas of pipeline abatement and RACS. 

Demolition Services

Tasman’s Demolition and Abatement team provides timely, safe and cost-efficient demolition and abatement services for a multitude of projects. Tasman’s portfolio of demolition projects include:

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Underground and aboveground storage tank installation and associated equipment and piping

  • Interior and exterior selective demolition and deconstruction – removing asbestos containing material or impacted building aspects

  • Assessment and abatement of small and large scale residential and commercial structures

  • Decontamination, dismantling and decommissioning

Abatement Services

Tasman’s abatement expertise includes interior and exterior building abatements; pre-demolition abatement for small- to large-scale industrial facilities, schools, and government buildings; asbestos-in-soil mitigation, and Oil & Gas industry abatement of asphaltic ACM pipe wrap. Tasman’s portfolio of abatement capabilities include:

  • Structural abatement

  • Pipeline abatement

  • Regulated asbestos contaminated soils

  • Lead based paint

  • Mold mitigation

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