• Lackland Freeze Repairs, Lackland Air Force Base Community Housing

  • Tasman responded and assisted in the restoration efforts on over 120 impacted units

  • Project Value: $750K

Following the unexpected freeze that took place across Texas in February 2021, Tasman was on site to aid in the mitigation, abatement and repair of over 120 units located at the Lackland Airforce Base. Tasman conducted initial response and damage assessment to identify units that were impacted by water, including mitigation requirements and to outline a repair plan for each structure.  Tasman was tasked with clean-up and disposal of debris before focusing attention to mold remediation and abatement of asbestos in areas of concern. Leaks resulting from frozen pipes were repaired or replaced, along with structural repairs in areas affected by water. Antimicrobial disinfectant was used to eliminate the spread of mold spores. Restoration teams were dispatched following repair completion to ensure all homes were returned to a pre-storm state. Tasman mobilized personnel, trailers and equipment within days of the winter storm to assist the client in initiating cleanup and restoration activities.