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Consulting & Engineering Projects


Lockwood Solvent Groundwater Pollution Site

Lockwood, Montana

PCE and other Chemicals Released to Soil and Groundwater at a Chemical Distribution Facility

Project Value: $6M


TFE System Development and Site Plan

Greeley, Colorado

Tasman personnel were involved with an extensive subsurface investigation and the development of a full-scale soil and groundwater remediation program at an active oil and gas facility in Greeley, Colorado.

Project Value: $1M


Compressor Station

Beaver County, Oklahoma

Petroleum hydrocarbon impacts were discovered at the natural gas dehydration and compression facility in Beaver County, Oklahoma.

Project Value: $450K



Gas Plant

Fort Lupton, Colorado

Soil Remediation Using Tasman’s Patented Chemical Oxidation Technology

Project Value: $650K


Pipeline Release

Hudson, Colorado

The site is an oil and gas midstream location where a pipeline release occurred in April 2018

Project Value: $3.250M


McCandless Trucking

Aurora, Colorado

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Installation

Project Value: $107K


Production Facility Release

Frederick, Colorado

This project was in response to a historic release below oil and gas production lines, the release date unknown

Project Value: $1.4M

Demolition & Abatement

Red Wave Compressor Station, Weld County, Colorado

Red Wave Compressor Station

Weld County, Colorado

Abatement of Oil and Gas Piping with ACM / Removal of ACM Impacted Soil

Project Value: $175K

CSU - Animal Health Building and Hydro Building Redevelopment Sites, Denver, Colorado

Animal Health Building and Hydro Building Redevelopment Sites

Denver, Colorado

Regulated Asbestos Containing Soils (RACS) Remediation Project

Project Value: $3.75M


Town of Avon – Former Townhall building

Avon, Colorado

Abatement of Asbestos Contaminated Materials (ACM) / Building Demolition

Project Value: $750K


Boulder Armory

Boulder, Colorado

Abatement of Asbestos Contaminated Material (ACM) / Building Demolition

Project Value: $300K


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Lakewood, CO

Abatement of ACM Contaminated Material

Project Value: $380K


Ramah in the Rockies

Sedalia, Colorado

Abatement of Asbestos Contaminated Materials / Fire Debris and Contaminated soil removal

Project Value: $333K

Response & Restoration


Hurricane Michael

Tyndall Air Force Base Community Housing

Tasman conducted initial response and structural damage assessment of over 800 housing units, days after the Category 5 hurricane made landfall

Project Value: $8M


Hurricane Harvey Disaster Response

Houston, Texas

Tasman provided disaster response, and selective demolition and abatement services for the Phoenix restaurant and office building complex


2013 Colorado Flood Response

Areas in Colorado

Tasman assisted the oil and gas community with specialized response services

Project Value: $350K


Lackland Freeze Repairs

Lackland Air Force Base Community Housing

Tasman responded and assisted in the restoration efforts on over 120 impacted units

Project Value: $750K

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