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Total Power Generated by Solar Remediation System Operations and Corporate Office Solar System



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Our integrated approach to solutions is focused on balancing economic growth, social responsibility and environmental stewardship. Through our creative and forward-looking approach to the market, we strive to continually create value for our clients while focusing to reduce our impact to the environment and our community.

We make it our mission to protect human health and the environmental by considering all environmental effects of remedy implementation and incorporating options to maximize net environmental benefits of cleanup action. Tasman continues to develop green remediation approaches that aim to reduce total energy use, increase energy generated from renewable resources, and minimize green house gas (GHG) emissions.

Modular Solar-Powered Remediation Systems and Solar Power Packages

Tasman has designed and installed several solar-powered green remediation systems that utilize groundwater recovery, air sparge, soil vapor extraction, and product recovery to meet project cleanup goals. The use of the sun’s energy to power the systems eliminates GHG emissions from other power sources such as generators. Tasman designs and fabricates modular solar-powered remediation systems and supporting solar power packages in house and mobilizes them to the project location for on-site installation. Each system is constructed with electronics and control panels that are used to maximize system performance. These modular systems can be fabricated, installed and made operational in a relatively short time frame without the need for external power. The systems can be configured with remote monitoring systems that are used for data collection and system operational notifications.

Tasman can also design, fabricate, and install our solar power packages for existing operating systems to provide a power source generated from renewable energy and reduce GHG emissions.

Tasman currently offers five ranges of modular solar power and remediation system packages.

Solar System Summary

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