Tasman Facility Services

For our customers in property management, the main concern during turnaround activities is the loss of revenue during vacancy and cost of completing the turnaround. For Tasman, the vacancy period presents an opportunity for the customer to conduct a detailed inspection of their asset and the opportunity for modernization and/or cyclical maintenance such as painting, floor replacement, or major capital improvements such as cabinet replacement. In the end, on-going preventative upkeep and repair of the customers asset(s) will mitigate unforeseen maintenance and operation expenses and will yield a more profitable and sustainable housing portfolio.

Inspection and Maintenance

- Damage Inspection - termite, water and mold
- Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Fire Extinguishers
- HVAC Preventative Maintenance
- Appliance Inspection and Replacement

Repair and Replacement

- Basic Plumbing
- Basic Electrical
- Heating and Cooling Enhancement
- Flooring, Cabinets, Trim and Countertops
- Painting and Doors


- Full Facility Detail
- Windows and Screens
- Carpets
- Waste Disposal

Tasman provides turn around services for customers nationwide in sectors ranging from student housing and community centers to military housing. Key elements to successful large scale turn around projects include the following:

  • Scheduling and Communication

  • Developing a comprehensive service schedule for the property manager

  • Licensing and Permits

  • Accounting for the presence of asbestos and lead based paint hazards

  • Establishing an effective quality control program

  • Maintaining a safe and environmentally sound work process

Base Housing – Routine Maintenance and Change of Occupancy Maintenance (COM) Services

Tasman is proud to provide our military with routine COM services in support of their mission. Our primary goal is to provide clean and comfortable living quarters for our military personnel and their families. Tasman maintenance personnel work closely with our senior management to provide a safe and efficient work process that ultimately results rapid turnaround time between occupancy and a quality work product for our military.

Tasman works diligently with our base and customer contacts to ensure that these logistical elements are considered and planned far in advance so that the COM service work can be conducted seamlessly. Tasman utilizes the main warehousing facility concept at the base to support base housing work which reduces travel time to and from the bases and allows for the stocking of the most commonly used maintenance materials. Tasman has expanded our base housing work into over a dozen states and we have a variety of skilled vendors to utilize for more technical systems work, such as fire control systems and HVAC operations. Military housing requires in-depth understanding of a wide range of logistical challenges, including:

  • Base Access

  • Staff Pre-Clearance

  • Materials and Equipment Procurement

  • Supply and Equipment Staging

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