Response & Restoration

Response & Restoration

The impact of property damaged from a natural disaster is a blow to the community and the businesses that operate within them. Post disaster response is a complex and highly involved process that requires a well thought out and coordinated plan of action. Furthermore, with natural disasters occurring at a greater frequency and with greater intensity, these events are straining human resources and challenging community resilience. The three critical elements to disaster response include planning, response, and restoration. Each element is discussed in further detail below.

Environmental & Disaster Response Services

24/7 Emergency response following a natural disaster to help eliminate serious risk and develop a plan for recovery.

Fire, Wind and Water Damage Mitigation

Mitigation for damage caused by a serious storm event, leak, burst pipes or fire related incident.

Asbestos and Mold Remediation

Identification, mitigation and disposal of hazardous materials. Fully restoring structures to a safe and reliable state.

Turnkey Renovation and Construction

Putting things back together after a disaster. From demo to rebuild, we work together to ensure recovery and restoration of the places you care about.


Tasman has responded to many natural disaster events that have involved hundreds of houses per event and tens of millions of dollars in damage. These incidents occur under a high stress environment where the essentials including food, water, electricity, communications are often eliminated or very difficult to find or establish. For this reason, Tasman assists our customers with disaster planning so that when times are tough, an action plan has been developed. This includes identification of key subcontractors, leveraging disposal entities, and sourcing key support items to establish contingency and response planning before the storm hits customers.


Tasman’s initial incident response team consists of former fire fighters, law enforcement, and military personnel who are accustomed to adverse conditions and thrive when put to the test. These professionals have responded to everything including earthquakes, flood, hurricane, and wildfire. The incident team is responsible for the following:

  • Initial boots on the ground and preliminary assessment

  • Structural damage assessment

  • Structure impact rating and response priority ranking

  • Interior moisture mapping

  • Drone survey and GIS drafting

  • Damage survey reporting

  • Development of full-scale response plan and execution strategy

  • Initial restoration cost estimating

  • Insurance company interface


Tasman also provides complete demolition and reconstruction services. We perform all aspects of the cleanup and reconstruction process so that the customer’s assets are restored as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Immediately following, or even during the response phase, our crews are deployed to the scene to begin select interior demolition, structure demo, asbestos/mold/lead remediation, and structure protection. Restoration activities include:

  • Interior/Exterior Trim & Paint Work

  • Window & Door Replacement

  • Flooring Restoration & Replacement

  • Siding

Once the structure is stabilized the rebuilding process can commence. Tasman’s Restoration and Response team provides a wide range of post disaster reconstruction services, applying the highest standard of craftsmanship to reconstruction process.

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